Guide to Your Best Certified Organic Eco Tan

• Exfoliate and shave at least 24-48 hours prior to application

• We recommend using the Extreme Exfoliant Glove and Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub to exfoliate and prepare skin prior to tanning for best results

• Tans are best applied to clean, dry skin

• Apply liberally rubbing thoroughly & evenly into skin in circular motions taking care to cover all areas, avoiding applying tan to your heels

• To master application to your face, hands & feet use product left on hands after applying to limbs

• Wash hands thoroughly after application

• Allow tan to dry before getting dressed or getting into bed

• For best results, wait at least 8 hours for tan to develop before showering

• Avoid using products containing soap that will strip tan and make it uneven and patchy, we recommend using the Foaming Body Wash or Coconut & Mint Body Wash

• Use Coconut Body Milk to keep skin hydrated and extend the life of your tan

Tips for Using Face Tan Water

• Use fingers or a cotton pad and apply product as evenly as possibly to face, neck, & décolletage and allow to dry

• You may apply moisturizer if desired, however, it is not necessary as Face Tan Water has hydrating properties

• Allow to develop for at least 8 hours before showering; best applied before bed & wash in the morning

• Apply over consecutive days (2+ or as many as desired dependent on skin tone & desired results)