I Don’t Self-Tan, I Safe Tan

In high school, the tanning bed was my favorite after school activity. As I developed a passion for skincare, I quickly learned how damaging UV rays can be, which is why I made the switch to self-tanning. I remember the very first time I tried applying my local drug store brand. I had no clue how it worked so I applied the lotion all over my body. Later to see that I was blotchy, orange with stained hands. I was beyond embarrassed, so I did want any other want-to-be beauty guru would do; Youtube. I started researching different brands, ingredients, the correct steps, everything you could possibly imagine. This led me to stumble across an Eco Tan review on Invisible Tan, I imminently feel in love with the results that I was seeing! I ordered mine that day.  

A little background on me: I have blonde hair, green eyes and fair to light complexion during most of the year. I choose Invisible Tan which is suggested for medium to olive skin tones. Now I know what you’re thinking…… “why would she use a self-tanner that is meant for Medium to Olive skin tones when she has a Fair to Light complexion” and this is the reason why, when I develop a tan naturally from being outside, I receive color super easily and quickly. When I am at my tannest (naturally), I would say I have a medium complexion and that is why I went with Invisible Tan compared to one of their other self-tanners.


Invisible Tan is a colorless cream that contains Aloe Vera, Rose geranium, Avocado, Macadamia and Chamomile.  The formula best develops over 8 hours, which is why I like applying it at night and waking up with a beautiful glow. After prepping my skin by shaving & exfoliate at least 24-48 hours prior to my application I make sure that I do not have any makeup, oils, serums, moisturizers or deodorant on. I start by applying lotion to clean and dry skin, making sure to take my time. I liberally rub the tanner thoroughly & evenly into my skin by using circular motions. Now when it comes to dryer areas of my body such as feet, knees, and elbows I use whatever product is left on my hands after already applying it to limbs in those areas (Avoiding applying the tan to my heels). After I wash my hands thoroughly and I gave myself about 5 minutes to allow the tanner to set and dry before getting dressed and going to bed. When I wake up, I have a natural, rich honey, Sunkissed glow! I love it and I know you will too!




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